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 Mesh confidently using Pointwise for CFD

Generating meshes for computational fluid dynamics is the most important step in the flow modelling process. Its where you have the most influence on how fast, how converged and how accurate your solution is. Because of that, you will need a mesher that's flexible, reliable and top quality. That's Pointwise.

Today Pointwise is used worldwide in aerospace, automotive, marine, power generation, chemical process and other industries for which CFD is an integral part of the design process.

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Hybrid boundary layer hex mesh around X38

CFD++      Fast reliable CFD Solver

From Incompressible to hypersonic flows, single phase to combusting multiphase, rotating machinery to Overset 6DOF, CFD++ provides the accurary you need.

Like Pointwise, CFD++ has built its reputation in the demanding Aerospace industry where accuracy is everything. Its now being applied in every other industry sector worldwide.


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